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GTST Shortie: Solution for Missed Episode


GTST or Goede Tijden, slechte tijden is one of the popular soap opera aired in RTL 4 channel in Netherlands. This soap opera is one of the longest running and first soap opera in the history of Netherlands. There is a huge fan following for this opera in Netherlands. Many people watched this soap opera for years. But sometimes due to work, some people missed certain episodes but they have one solution to watch this episode through GTST They provide the brief summary about the episode and users can look back the certain episode for 5 weeks.


Shotie is the summary of an episode. Mostly these are five or six-minute video which shows the important events happened in the episode in a brief manner. This will be helpful for the people who are ardent fans of soap opera but they don’t have time to watch the episode. This shortie will help to solve the issue by giving the short summary about the episode that was aired. Most importantly this website provides shortie that will take the little amount of time when peoples don’t have enough time to watch the full episodes. An episode can be looked back for 5 weeks.

Other Services

Not only providing shorties this website provides spoiler to the people who are curious to know about the storylines of future episodes. Most of the peoples are very curious to know about the stories of future episodes and this will fulfill their needs. But the suspense of the serial will be gone but it will help the peoples can know about what’s coming in next episodes.  Gtst week Summary is one of the other services offered y this website. This is also a short video that helps the people to understand what happens in the entire week.

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