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Do not jump into a Business without a perfect start up plan


It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to start a business in retail sector or setting up a business online, many principles and fundamentals are the same for any successful start up. A better start up plan can give you success and we know why entrepreneurs like Patrick Mackaronis are successful because of a perfect business plan.

When you look at successful people like Patrick Mackaronis, make sure you learn from what they did to be successful. A start up plan is a check list of everything that you are going to note down to make business start and run successfully. It starts from initial idea of hunting locations to hiring vendors to gain license, marketing and advertising and then monitoring growth etc.,

A start up plan is though not a business plan in detail. It is more of to do list for starting any business venture. It is quite important as it gives that boost to your business that is much needed in initial stages. Any business goal or purpose is not going to work without a deadline. Let us look at a start up plan for a successful business that truly works

  1. carry out a market research to make sure you are using the right business idea
  2. carry out industry research to identify the success rate of the industry
  3. carry out a simple feasibility study to identify the probability of success of moving the particular business in particular market in a particular economy
  4. pen down your business plan
  5. pen down the marketing plan
  6. plan your funding
  7. build relationships with different vendors
  8. build inventory list
  9. search and finalize a location
  10. get plans and required permits to build the space
  11. finalize your lease
  12. find and then hire the employees


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