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Discover the Components in Your E-Juice

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Discover the Components in Your E-Juice


To have a great experience while vaping, you need the right e-juice. After all, it is the e-juice or the e-liquid that gets heated by the atomizer to produce the vapor while giving you the flavor. However, do you know what goes into the e-liquids? Many people tend to be confused about it and end up believing that these liquids are filled with harmful compounds. Of course, that is not true. There are typically 4 components in an e-juice and they are as follows. If you want to know how to choose best e liquid, you need to understand their components.


Vegetable Glycerin

Popularly known as glycerol, this acts as the base for the e-juice. It is clear and odorless. Derived from plant oils, this liquid is used in a wide range of cosmetics such as moisturizers. This is certainly safe for human consumption. In a vaping juice, it is added to produce the vapor.


Propylene Glycol

This is also clear and odorless. The product is not toxic and can be consumed in moderate amounts safely. You can actually find this ingredient in various food products, cosmetics and drugs. In fact, it is even used in asthma inhalers. The main reason for using this product is because it can hold the flavor compounds nicely for vaping. It also decreases the temperature required to produce vapor.



The flavors used in vaping can be either artificial or natural. Some products use a combination of the two. The falvors chosen are all safe for consumption being food-grade compounds. Of course, there are several kinds of flavors used in e-juices.



Being an optional ingredient, you can easily find e-juices that do not have nicotine in them. Nicotine is mainly used by those vapers who are trying to quit smoking. The nicotine used is pharmaceutical grade.


Now that you know what the components are, choosing best eliquid should become easier for you. Remember that the concentrations of these compounds can vary.